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Dams and Hydrology


Compliance with Government of Québec accessibility standards

The Centre d’expertise hydrique du Québec (CEHQ) subscribes to the objectives of the three Government of Québec Web accessibility standards for the handicapped. However, the current version of our Web site meets only minimum standards.

Navigate in a accessible way

Until the new version of the site is available, we can offer accessible versions of the following pages:
Conform to Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Level 1 accessibility rules

In its current version, the ministry's site meets the great majority of Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Level 1 accessibility rules.

Web Page Structure:

  • Web pages have a distinct title that reflects their subject or goal, tagged as <title>


  • Informative images are inserted into Web pages using appropriate tags;
  • Informative images have associated replacement text;
  • Replacement text is tagged as alt.


  • Font size is specified in relative units.


  • The site information page includes a map;
  • The site map enables access to the first two levels of navigation;
  • Navigation menus that are repeated from one page to another are organized in the same relative order on each and have a similar look.


  • Abbreviations and acronyms are shown with their names in full the first time they appear on a Web page;
  • All links on the same Web page that have the same name, point to the same landing point.

Contribute to the improvement of the site

In you find any errors or oversights on any of our Web pages, please contact us at

To Obtain Assistance

Should you experience any difficulties in navigating on our site, please contact us at (toll-free) 1 800 561-1616. Our Call centre staff will be pleased to be of service.