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Dams and Hydrology

Memorandum of Agreement - Haut-Richelieu Regional County Municipality 

On March 26, 2002, the Environment Minister concluded a memorandum of agreement with the regional country municipality of Haut-Richelieu concerning the boundaries of water property in the domain of the State and management of the flood plain of the Richelieu River and Missisquoi Bay on Lake Champlain. Under the memorandum of agreement, the parties agreed first to complete a detailed series of maps of the region to generate an updated profile of the river and flood plain. The Centre is the principal architect of producing the new maps.

Based on the mapping process and the information collected, the parties agreed to propose solutions to bring property titles in some sectors into compliance, protect the environment in the region and ensure proper development and use of bodies of water and the flood plain of the Richelieu River and Missisquoi Bay.

In 2002-2003, under the agreement, the following activities were carried out to produce new maps:

This process should result in the creation of new maps of flood-prone areas in 2003-2004, bring property titles pertaining to encroachments that have been erected for some time on the bed of the Richelieu River into compliance and introduce of an improved protection plan for this natural setting of significant ecological value.

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Note: This document is not a text of law. For questions of a legal nature, please refer to the statutes that are cited in this document.


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